Welcome to Fineartframed.ie.  We take the pain, hassel and expense out of purchasing custom picture frames and we have been doing this sucessfuly online sine 2009.  We also remove the ridiculous mark-ups traditionally charged by custom picture framers.  Since commencing, we have sold over 40,000 custom frames to over 20,000 happy customers.  Many of our customers are Artists, Photographers, Interior Designers and Gallery Owners whose continued business is testimony to the quality of our products which are made in Dublin by our expert craftsmen.  Our SEE-IT-FRAMED system gives you the customer a huge advantage over the traditional way of purchasing cusom frames as our unique frame photography and Truelife Visualisation Technology will show you exactly how the final framed work will appear on your wall in real time.  This way, you'll know exactly what you're ordering before we've even started your custom build.

Above is a snapshot of our SEE-IT-FRAMED system where a customer has loaded a photo of the artwork they wish to frame.  You can change the mount and frame combinations until you are perfectly satisfied with how the finished work will look.   However, if you are not a natural at picking great design combinations, just read the simple instructions in our framing tips section and our guide to colour matching.  If you do this, your framed artwork or photo will look as though it has been framed by a professional and will look expensive and of course, completely unique.  By using our SEE-IT-FRAMED system, you can easily pick a mount and frame that enhances your artwork.  If your art piece is an original or limited edition print, framing it tastefully will greatly enhance its value.  To see some of the amazing creations by our customers using our SEE-IT-FRAMED system, visit our customer's Gallery. In fact, virtually all of the framed artwork you see on this site were created on this site - many pieces by the customers themselves.

Picture Frames - Made to Measure

Enter Dimensions of Frame Required, Then Choose From Over 250 Frame & Mount Combinations.  Use ths option if you do not want to preview your artwork framed but you just want to pick a frame.

See Your Artwork Mounted & Framed

Upload Image of Item and See it Mounted & Framed in a Frame of Your Choice.  If you don't have a Digital Image of your artwork, find out how you can quickly take a picture of your artwork for previewing on system.

Shadow Box Frames

 Shadow Box Frames or Box frames or 3d frames, are used to display art work, memorabilia or to give a print the 3D Shadow Box look by setting the picture back from the glass.  We carry a large selection of Shadow Box Frames with depths from 18mm to 57mm. 

Floating Canvas Frames

We can offer canvas floating frames in any size, any finish with single and double mounts.

Turn Your Photo into Wall Art

Upload a Photo, preview it in a frame and mount of your choice  and Have it Printed, Mounted & Framed.  Makes a Wonderful Gift!  and We can Deliver Anywhere in the World.  

Canvas Tray Floating Frames

We can offer canvas tray floating frames in any size, any finish for standard and deep canvas frames

Tips & Advice

Our experts have put together a collection of helpful guides

to get you frame smart and your creative juices flowing..

Happy to Help

Choosing the Right Mount and Frame for your Artwork

Guides to give you all the help you need to buy the right products for your framing projects large and small.




How to Take A Photo of Your Artwork in one Minute

You can just use your mobile phone.  You can take a picture of it framed or unframed.  The system looks after the rest.  Just make sure the colours can be seen in the photo.  Loading a photo saves you all the bother of bringing the artwork to your framer.


Always Delighted to Help!

We're here to support you throughout your entire shopping experience. From measuring to delivery, get advice by phone or email and online help is always available to make your life easier.

Just email: info@pictureframes.ie or call +353 [0]9064 77346

How to Measure your Artwork

Measuring for your new frames couldn't be simpler. It's an easy way to save lots of money and takes just minutes; you'll wish you'd done it sooner !


For Business

Our B2B department is ready to help your business flourish. Specialist pricing and unique services targetted to specific sectors.

Interior Designers Artists

We have fabulous deals for Interior Designers.  If you are an interior designer, and you are quoting for a job, we can guarantee that you will be delighted with the prices you will get from us and you will know exactly what you are getting before the frames arrive.  There will be no surprizes and you will have save yourself and perhaps your client a fortune.

For instance, if your brief includes frame walls and you have lots of  frames to purchase,  our Trulife Vizualiztion technology will save you coutless hours of browsing around frame shops and trying to image what an art piece might look like in a certain frame with a certain mount.  Our See-IT-Framed system takes out all the Guess work and could save you even weeks of time, make your job so much easier and save you and your client a fortune.   

We give 13.5% reduction automaticaly on proof of trade status and higher discounts for bulk purchases.  Our claim of 70% reductions over frame shops are not exageration.  Just look at our prices and compare them to what you normally pay.

We offer artists a starting discount of 13.5% as well.  Our system is very popular with artists because not only do they get great prices on quality frames but the Trulife Vizualization technology means that they can pick the correct cobination of mount and frame for their art piece that will compliment perfectly and add to its value.


If you want to see a larger selection of readymade picture frames, please visit our new site www.pictureframes.ie

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