Returns Policy

Broken or damaged goods.   We take the utmost care when we ship our products.  For some of our products, where required, we have designed our own special protective packaging.  Packing  our products in this way ensures that we can ship glass-fronted products all around Ireland with virtually no breakages.  Occasionally, like any other distance selling company, some of our products may be damaged in transit.  When this happens we replace them.  Our policy is simple and straight-forward.  Once you receive your goods, you have 72 hours to report any damages.  We may ask you for photo evidence of the damage.  In some instances, we may require you to return the damaged goods at our expense.  Returning of damaged goods only occurs where an expensive moulding has been damaged and the cost of returning it is justified.  We only replace what has been damaged.  if the glazing only is damaged, we only replace the glazing.  If you are returning damaged goods, you must use the packaging that has been supplied - so hold onto the packaging until you have inspected the goods.

Returning undamaged goods/change of mind.  If you have ordered standard size goods and they are not damaged on delivery but you decide for any reason that you do not want them, you  can notify us within 72 hours from time of delivery that you intend to return the goods.  When this occurs, you must package the goods properly -  ideally using the package provided.  You are responsible for the courier costs.  Once your goods are returned without damage, we will give you a full refund.  If the goods arrive back damaged but you have packaged them properly and the goods have been damaged in transit, you will of course receive a full refund.  If you have purchased custom size products and you receive them undamaged, then you cannot return them and there is no refund available.

Incomplete orders and incorrect orders.  We check and re-check all our orders before leaving our premises so incomplete  or incorrect orders are a rarity . If your order is incomplete, we will send on the missing products immediately.  If your order is incorrect,  we will send on the correct items.  In some cases, you may be required to send back the incorrect items at our expense.  If by mistake, you order incorrect standard size items, you can of course return them for replacements.  If the mistake in ordering was on your side, you are responsible for the courier charges. 

Custom Size Goods - Special Considerations.  Ordering custom frames and mounts is very straight forward - just follow our simple instructions.  You simply enter the external/outer dimensions of the item you wish to  frame and we take it from there.  We have supplied 1000s of custom size frames in this way and only very rarely does someone make a mistake in the dimensions they give us.  This only happens in significantly less than 1% of custom frame sales.  So, what happens if you get the dimensions wrong?  If the dimensions of the frame that you give us are actually larger than what you require, you can send it back at your expense and we will reduce the size to the correct size required - free of charge.  You are of course responsible for the courier charges to send it back to us.  We will also charge you our standard courier charge of €5 + vat = 6.15 to send the adjusted frame back to you.  If the dimensions of the frame that you give us are actually smaller  than what you require,  then it is more difficult because we cannot adjust it and it is only worth scrap value - if anything at all to us.   However, given that there are so few mistakes made by our customers, we are prepared to replace the frame provided that the following conditions are met.  - The frame is not less than 4mm short on either side.  This gives you an enormous amount of latitude and a great comfort blanket because you have only to get the dimensions of the frame correct to within 4mm.  Given that we rarely get an order for a frame that is incorrect, it is almost impossible to make an error this large when measuring .  However, if your frame is more than 4mm smaller than the one desired, this can only be because you were completely careless when measuring the frame or you did not follow our simple instructions.   When this is the case, no refund or replacement is available. 

Please correspond by email regarding returns.  Please correspond by email regarding returns.  A short note outlining the problem coupled with a a pic of the damage if the damage is to the frame or the canvas. ( we do not require a pic of broken glass ).  you can use the contact form on the site or simply email to .   Please do not call us re returns.  You will just be asked to send an email.

Returns Address: Photo Frames, Lisanure, Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford.


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