Floating Frames & Canvas Frames

Canvas frames made exactly to your specifications. Take a quick pic of the canvas you wish to frame, upload & see exactly what your artwork will look in the frame of your choice. Give it a Go!  Upload Your Image.  Frames for all depths of canvas available and delivered to your door.

Floating Frames or Canvas Frames provide a cost effective and practical way to frame canvas art.  The result is an elegant and contemorary display of your canvas piece. In recent years, the treand has been to hang  canvas art without frames but many people are now discovering that a canvas can be transformed with the addition of a simple low cost canvas frame which is easily fitted.  There is no backing and no glass requred.  To browse our Canvas/Floating Frames collection, select the "Canvas/Floating Frames" category on the Frames tab in our Framing Studio

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NOTE ON FITTING ALLOWANCE:   If you want your canvas to fit  snugly into the frame, add an extra 2mm to the width and  height of the external dimensions of your canvas.  This is advisable as a canvas will  invariably have small creases and folds on its sides which would make it difficult to fit if the internal frame size was exactly the size of the canvas.  A small tolerance of 2mm  is just perfect for the canvas to fit snugly into the frame without any forcing.

Fitting Example: You have a standard size 8" x 12" canvas. Convert these dimensions to MM using a multiplier of 25.4  and the resulting dimensions are 203mm x 305mm.  Add 2mm to the length and  height so that your completed canvas frame will have  internal dimensions of 207mm x 309mm. With this little extra room, you can be assured that your canvas will fit snugly into the frame without you having to force it.  Enter these dimensions (207mm x 309mm) in the "Enter Dimensions" Tab of the Framing Studio

IF YOU WANT A GAP BETWEEN YOUR FRAME AND THE CANVAS.  The above sizes are a minimum.  for instance, If you want a 5mm gap between frame and canvas, add 14mm to the width and height of your canvas.  For the example  above, you would insert the dimensions 217mm x 319mm.  

If you have any queries on the above, please email us at sales@pictureframes.ie or call 087 647 73718

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