What if you don't have a digital image of the Artwork you wish to Frame

This is easily solved.  You do not need a perfect picture of your artwork as you only need the image to be good enough for colour matching so you can use your mobile phone and just make sure that you get the whole artwork  in the picture even if that includes bits of the table/floor/wall or old frame as you can crop these out when you are loading the image as shown below.

photo of artwork taken with a mobile phone with bits of background showing.  Notice that it is not even aligned properly but that does not matter.  What matters is the colours are showing strongly. You can easily crop out the background when uploading the photo onto the system The image after cropping. It is now ready to be mounted and framed.  If you follow the framing tips and colour matching techniques you will have the best possible display for your artwork and it will look expensive, unique  and profesionally framed.
When you load your photo, you will be brought to the framing studio where you can try out our 400 frames and mounts on your artwork.  I have matched on one colour here.  I have chosen a frame whose colour matches the grey background in the painting.  I could have chosen another colour from the painting for the inside and outside mount but instead I gave it a double white mount which is a way of making your art piece look more expensive and substantial.


So Now you are ready to go and find the perfect frame and mount for your artwork!


Further Help

You can contact one of our customer service team by email or by phone 09064 77346. They'll be more than happy to walk you through the process or answer any remaining questions you may have.

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